August 2023: Reed Ag Solutions visits Extractoras Cusiana and the Guanare Palm Plantation in Mani, Casanare, Colombia S.A. for continued AGP solution customer discovery and early adopter meetings.

August 9, 2023

Another AGP solution customer discovery and early adopter trip through Los Llanos! After an interesting five hour journey to the home of the Vargas Family on the Guanare Oil Palm Plantation property, this gracious family hosted Jim Reed for a wonderful lunch in their beautiful open air casa de finca. Afterwards, our host Rodrigo Vargas, COO of Extractora Cusiana SAS and Owner of Tierras Digitales SAS, took Mr,. Reed out to the plantation to observe a new advanced pollination tool as well as the plantation operations itself. We also visited the Cusiana Extraction Plant, which is currently adding a state-of-the-art bio-gas generation facility. The Vargas Family palm oil operation is now being run by the second generation, lead by Paola Vargas, Carlos Vargas and Rodrigo. We are looking forward to the possible opportunity to work with these worldwide palm oil industry leaders.